UD freshman Jared Bressman, who was walking out of the dorm when Fuchs hit the ground but who did not witness the fall, told Huff Post over the phone that he heard screaming and someone say, "He jumped from the sixth floor." Bressman said Fuchs must have "pushed the window pretty hard" to get out of it because it "wasn't opened fully." Multiple UD students have confirmed to Huff Post that the windows at the dorm from which Fuchs fell have stoppers that only allow them to open partway ("about a foot," one student said). Richard Blommel said the window's screen was removed and that Fuchs climbed out, according to CBS affiliate WHIO-TV.

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In other cases, he hacked into the girls' computers to secretly intercept, watch, and record live Webcam footage of them. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Gregory G. "He would 'phish' for the minors' passwords to a popular Internet portal, then secretly gain access to the minors' Webcam sessions." The FBI reported that Miller's scheme was exposed when one of the girls sent a love letter to the fictitious boy Miller had made up, but she sent it to Miller's former workplace.

He distributed some of the recorded Webcam footage to others. His former employer read the letter and then found "additional evidence relating to child pornography while cleaning out Miller's work area." The employer then contacted some of the minors, and then contacted local law enforcement. "All of us, especially parents, must make sure we communicate with our children and let them know of the dangers that exist in the virtual world, as well as teaching them how to be safe on the Internet," Lockhart said.

As Information Week Government readers were busy firming up their fiscal year 2015 budgets, we asked them to rate more than 30 IT initiatives in terms of importance and current leadership focus. IT pros at banks, investment houses, insurance companies, and other financial services organizations are focused on a range of issues, from peer-to-peer lending to cybersecurity to performance, agility, and compliance.

No surprise, among more than 30 options, security is No.

Two students at an Ohio university have fallen from the windows of high-rise dormitories in the same month; one is in serious condition, and the mother of another, who died when he hit concrete in early April, is questioning the official story of her son's fatal plunge.

Most recently, 19-year-old criminal justice major Michael Fuchs was found unresponsive after falling six floors onto concrete on Saturday afternoon.Although the college called it an "apparent fall" in an email to students that was obtained by The Huffington Post, it's still not clear whether Fuchs may have jumped.An Ohio man was sentenced to 25 years in prison for hacking into minors' Webcams and secretly watching and recording them in their homes.Mark Wayne Miller, 47, of Dayton, had pled guilty in January 2006 to one count of computer intrusion, as well as to one count of sexual exploitation of children relating to his successful efforts to persuade under-age girls to engage in sexually explicit conduct for him in front of their Webcams.At the time of his arrest, Miller was on probation with the state of Ohio and was a registered sex offender.The FBI reported that Miller confirmed in court that he developed sexual relationships with minor-aged girls over the Internet, usually in online chat rooms.