In addition to a “light” version of achievements and progress we maintain the ability to display all characters on the account.Simply click on the image of any “alternate” character entered for your display and that characters gear and achievements will be displayed.

diablo 3 armory not updating-80

So one question that I'm already asked a lot is "Where are the set dungeons? I decided to put together a video that should make it fairly easy to locate each and every one for every class.

**Video Guide:** Pn0VU If you wish to find these on your own then wear the 6-piece bonus and go to Leoric's Library in the new zone in A1 of Leoric's Manor.

******************************SPOILER ALERT****************************** Below is a text description for each and every location with pretty straight forward details.

Diablo 3 Tracker is using full floating numbers to achieve the maximum precision.

It's definitely more accurate than many online calculators that display your DPS based on gears' attribute values you manually enter.

We’ve recently completed an overhaul of our anonymous armory solution, In this update we utilize the Blizzard API to display the entirety of the armory including a full listing of completed achievements, including rewards, and progress of not yet fully completed achievements. Many attributes are being affected by many factors. The calculation consists of many equations and rules, which have been updated dramatically in patches 1.03, 1.05 and 1.07.We're proud to say our calculation should always match your in-game stats.If you see your in-game APS or DPS numbers are different, most likely your in-game offsense / defense are buffed by your skills, other players' skills or followers' skills.In addition, many attributes have been rounded to integers in game or on profile page.