Geef u over aan de uitstekende zorgen van ons team om hier een heerlijke tijd te beleven.Chef-kok Tommy Schellekens zorgt samen met zijn keukenteam voor creatieve en verfijnde gerechten.

Talking in small groups helps build reading comprehension.

Printable Reading Worksheets include teachers' guides and student reading activities worksheets for grades 4-5-6-7-8. Reading Activities - Students work to brainstorm reasons to discuss books.

Language Arts Lesson - Students gain an appreciation for the goals of reading.

For many years, I sketched along the seashore in central California where the overcast skies required a soft palette like the colors in the sketch above.

Now I'm working in the Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon and find that I need to change the paints in my palette to match the stronger sunshine in my new location.

If you've changed your sketching motifs lately, try this new color chart.For these sketches, I used my new Pelikan Graphos pen.It was filled from a tube of special waterproof ink and could be carried into the field for sketching black lines with watercolor washes.Prior to getting this exciting pen, I had to use India ink only with dip pens, because it contains shellac which clogs pens, and only indoors where my bottle of ink could sit on a table.Met enige trots presenteren wij u onze zeer uitgebreide menukaart.We zijn niet alleen fier op het stukje Merksem waar we ons momenteel bevinden, maar ook op onze zaak die we na een lange zoektocht en hard werken hebben geopend.