The oldest Johnson child spilled the beans that his adopted sister Elisa, is now dating a man he once hooked up with. reality show, the son of Cookie and Magic Johnson revealed some shocking news.

Looks are a huge part of our society and in the dating scene, appearance is often the first thing that singles are drawn to.

Steve welcomed two sisters who say the guys they date must have a certain physical appearance – the right face and the right body.

Steve set them up with two men that met all of their qualifications, but there was a twist.

‘The man that led me on is now hooking up with my sister, and I’m supposed to be OK with it’.

‘I will never like him,’ said EJ, telling Elisa that she should not have continued a relationship with Anthony after ‘everything that happened’.

‘It’s like my feelings don’t matter,’ he told her petulantly.‘My brother wants me to cut things off with Anthony, but I can’t do that because I have developed serious feelings for him,’ she said.EJ, the 24-year-old son of basketball legend Magic Johnson, got into a spat with his younger sister Elisa over her new beau Anthony – a French model.EJ claimed that his sister’s new boyfriend had led him on in a club, before they’d got together.‘He’s a loser,’ he raged during the premier of his new reality show EJNYC.‘I was told not to say anything about him kissing me, but he did, it happened,’ he griped.